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                      Clean, smooth pavement says a lot of good things about a place. Broken pavement – with cracks, bumps, and potholes – creates an entirely different impression. Our services as asphalt contractors in Tulsa, OK will keep your pavement handsome and well-kept.

                      Asphalt is a great material for your driveway. That’s because asphalt driveways are sometimes recommended in regions where freezing temperatures are common. This is mostly due to the fact that asphalt driveways are more flexible and less likely to crack because of frost heave.

                      Regardless of whether it's asphalt on a city street, a strip mall parking garage or carport to one's home, the state of the black-top fills an aesthetic purpose. It's basically all the more satisfying to the eye if there are no breaks in the smooth spread of roadway. That is why we make sure to fix all potholes and water drainage issues in both commercial and residential areas.

                      Boss Contracting LLC has years of experience in asphalt works. We have certifications with CAT paving training and van Keppel paving. If you’re interested in an asphalt driveway, parking lot, walkway and asphalt repair but aren’t sure how it will fit into your project. We’ll find a solution that meets your Tulsa property’s requirements.

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